About us

Who is team red?

We see ourselves as moderators of the transformation process to an economic order without fossil fuels.

Our perspective is that of sustainability, this applies to our solutions, to our customer relationship - and also to the conduct of our business.

We work across disciplines and always in the interests of our customers.


What are our goals?

We develop and implement innovation. We design solutions and implement them with our customers.

We focus on the topic of "new mobility", our means are innovation and communication. We always focus on people, symbolized by our logo.

We guarantee honest and independent advice, transparent work processes, quick reactions, friendly and personal communication and reliable results. Our tools are essentially our knowledge and our software.


How are we organized?

team red is a team of freelance experts who live and work around the world. The team red Deutschland GmbH organizes a binding cooperation from the preparation of the offer to the project processing and carries out the project accounts in trust. At the same time, team red offers a variety of services that make work easier for individual self-employed persons and enable them to concentrate on the actual project work.

We are committed to a self-determined life with free ideas in a peaceful world under the protection of our natural resources. We respect freedom of thought, conscience and religion and reject acts that are racist, discriminatory or nationalistic.

Employees who are proven to have criminal offenses are immediately excluded from team red. This also applies to white-collar crime such as corruption and taking advantage.

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